Rebuilt  SU Pumps
Reconditioned and restored to new

We offer new pumps, rebuilding your current pump or providing you with a rebuilt pump in exchange for your current pump. If you require a brand new pump, there will not be a core charged and a core credit will be applied for one sent in.  Our pumps are rebuilt with as many genuine SU spare parts as are available to make the pump like new.  If new parts are not available, then the original parts are cleaned, painted, plated, and assembled.  Every pump will receive new points, a diaphragm, gaskets, and seals.  Our rebuilt pumps are fitted with a twin set of points rather then the original single set, this makes them more reliable. They are fitted with a new diaphragm which is resistant to additives in modern unleaded fuels.  Our pumps are set to manufactures original settings, fully bench tested on an Original SU flow rig.

  • The pumps have a one year replacement warranty.  For each Rebuilt pump you purchase from us, we will require your existing pump in exchange or the monetary value of the equivalent core pump.  If you have a different type of core than the one you would like to purchase from us, you will be charged with the appropriate core value difference.


  • Pumps generally take a week to rebuild and send back.  If you are in need of your pump sooner, please inform us and we will do everything we can to expedite your order.


Since we purchase collections of parts to acquire fuel pump cores , we always end up with parts that are of no use to us. Therefore we offer them for sale at

Feel free to make an offer. Being in the British car business, we are used to stupid offers - who knows? We might even take it!  We are always looking to buy or trade for your unwanted SU fuel pump parts and cores.